Power / Distribution Transformer

INTRANS Transformers are made by using modern Computer Aided Design and reliable process technology. Quality Control procedures are devised and strictly adhered to ensure quality in every stages of manufacture i.e., from the very stages of raw material purchases to final delivery. The designs are chosen so that the total cost including material cost, maintenance cost and the energy cost due to no load and load losses are minimum.

The designing and manufacturing operations are guided and controlled by experts in the field. All the above factors ensure that transformer coming out of Intrans’ plant is optimum designed, reliable and rugged.


Our Scope of Production include Power and Distribution Transformers of capacity upto 2000KVA and 33KV. Any special transformer within the above power capacity can be designed and manufactured to meet customer’s requirement.


Core :
The core is manufactured from good quality Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Silicon Steel Sheets and is of mitred construction to take advantage of grain orientation of the material. The clamping method is designed to reduce the noise level to the minimum.

Windings :
Both the Low and High voltage windings are made from high conductivity, electrolytic, copper or aluminium wires. Generally low voltage coils of Distribution transformers are made from rectangular paper covered strips and is of multi layer, spiral cosntruction. The high voltage coils of these ranges of transformer are manufactured using paper covered round-wire and is of disc cross over type.

Electrical, Thermal and Mechanical effects during operations are being considered while designing the coils. The interlayer and turn to turn insulation of the winding is designed to withstand Power Frequency and Lightning Impluse Test Voltages. The axial and radial brazing of the winding take care of the short circuit forces. Adequate cooling ducts are provided to limit temperature rise and to control hot spot temperature to the allowable level.

Main Insulation :
The main insulation is designed to meet all the electrical mechanical and thermal requirement, the material is sourced from reputed manufacturers only.

Tank :
The tank is made from lamination free quality steel. The tanks are tested for any leakages before surface treatment or final assembly. The inside of the tank is cleaned and coated with hot oil resistant paint or varnish. The outside is properly coated with stove enamelled good quality paints after 7 tank phosphating process.

Tapping :
Generally an off circuit Tap Changer is provided to adjust the HV winding to meet the local voltage condition. Normally +/- 2.5% and +/- 5% tapping are provided on HV side. Any special requirement from customers can also be considered. On Load Tap changers (OLTC) are also provided as per customer’s requirement.

Terminals :
The terminals of the low and high voltage windings are taken out through standard bushings to facilitate connection to the transformers. Either out door type or cable box type terminations can be provided as per the requirement from the customers.

Insulating Oil :
In case of oil filled transformers the filling is done with good quality transformer oil meeting the Indian Standard specification IS-335.

Fittings :
The standard fittings include

» Conservator
» Drain / Filter Valves
» Lifting Lugs
» Earthing Terminals
» Rating and Diagram Plates
» Terminal Marking
» Breather (Clear view type)
» Oil Filling Hole with cap
» Thermometer Pocket &
» Oil Level Indicator

Any additional accessories such as Buchholz relay, Oil temperature indicator, Winding temperature indicator etc. can be provided on request.