Oil Test Set

INTRANS make Oil Test Set is used for testing dielectric strength (BDV) of transformer oil. The electrode assembly and other electrical design features are as per the requirement of IS 335/IS 6792.

The unit consist of a centre tap type high voltage cast resin type transformer which feeds the voltage to the liquid dielectric through the system of electrodes.

To energise the high voltage transformer the inductive potentiometer is used in order to increase the voltage from low values to highest available values. The synchronous motor drives this transformer or can be decoupled. With this arrangement the unit can be motorised or manual operated.

In between the primary of the HV Transformer and energizing networks a contactor and a protective circuit is incorporated as protective and controlling devices. The circuit has fast acting tripping characteristics which gives an ideal protective curve. The contactor acts as main switch and also interconnects safety devices such as door switches, control switches and other allied controls desired by customer.

The output voltage is measured by square front dial instrument. The marking on the dial are Kilovolts indicating the true applied voltage. The circuit is so arranged to have memory effect to breakdown voltage which facilitates the effective operation.

The test cells having dimensions within the limits prescribed by Indian Standards are supplied. The electrode assembly of test cell is strictly in accordance to specifications. The test cell is supported on cast resin transformer terminals and thus brings automatically test sample in HT circuit.


» Manual or motorised version is available

» Compact size

» Ease of operation

» Designed to have a good aesthetic appearance and clear view

» Test cell as per IS specification

» Adjustable test cell electrode

» Safety device for operation

» Rate of rise of voltage as per standard specification

» Suitable for operation at 240V AC, 50Hz.